Dr. Mark E. Chariker, M.D., FACS

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Female Breast Procedures

How you feel about the size and shape of your breasts is highly personal – influenced, it is true, by prevailing social attitudes about beauty and the human form. If you are considering an augmentation, reduction, lift or reconstructive surgery, it is very important to make your decision for reasons that are right for you personally, with realistic expectations about the outcome.

Breast procedures can be cosmetic as well as reconstructive. Surgeries can increase breast size, improve lift and fullness to counter the effects of gravity, improve the shape of uneven (asymmetrical) breasts, reconstruct breasts after cancer surgery or some other disfigurement and reduce the size of breasts in both women and men. A successful outcome requires a combination of surgical skill and an eye for proportion and symmetry. We bring both to every breast procedure: His goal is to achieve balance and proportionality, based on the individual patient’s body type and after lengthy consultations with the patient about her or his desired outcome. We perform most breast procedures in our state-of-the-art outpatient surgical center.

Dr. Mark Chariker, MD, FACS“Chances are, you have been considering the decision about a breast procedure for quite some time. It is my hope that we can play a very helpful role in your decision-making process. It is not something that anyone should encounter alone. What we can bring to the process is an objective assessment of how to best achieve your expectations with a very pragmatic and realistic assessment of what you might be able to accomplish. We can achieve our best results when we are communicating about your objectives in a mutually open and honest discourse.”

--Dr. Mark Chariker, MD, FACS