Dr. Mark E. Chariker, M.D., FACS

Pediatric Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

As a parent, you love your whole child just as they are at every moment.

Yet seeing your baby, child, or adolescent endure the disfiguring or impairing effects of an accident, deformity, or illness is heartbreaking, and you naturally want to do everything you can to help them experience all the joys and possibilities that life has to offer.

As pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeons, we know that your child is already whole and complete. Yet we also know from long experience how much our work can help children and adolescents achieve fuller, more satisfying lives—and make their social, educational, and occupational journeys easier and more fulfilling.

That’s why we’re so passionately committed to using all of our professional skills, knowledge, and insights to reduce—or remove entirely—the social, educational, and occupational obstacles such children face, while expanding their opportunities to lead normal and fulfilling lives.

A continuity of care that encompasses your child’s entire life.

When you seek reconstructive surgery for your baby, child, or teenager, it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon with an extensive pediatric practice. Unlike adult patients—who change only gradually as they age—children grow in stature, and their bodies change quickly and dramatically until they reach full adulthood.

As pediatric plastic surgeons, we know how to anticipate these changes when we plan and conduct surgery. We don’t just consider how your child will look when they heal from their procedures, but how their appearance will evolve in the years and decades ahead.

Many children will require follow-up monitoring and maintenance into adulthood, and we also have an extensive practice and long experience providing reconstructive and cosmetic solutions for adults.

Just like adults, children deserve to look their best.

Although some people have a negative view of cosmetic plastic surgery, the most successful reconstructive surgery—for children as well as adults—is driven by a clear aesthetic vision and cosmetic as well as functional goals.

Adult patients from across the region seek us out for our artistry and deep understanding of balance, harmony, and proportion. The same aesthetic talent and experience help us ensure that your child will look as natural and visually pleasing as possible.

Pediatric Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery