Dr. Mark E. Chariker, M.D., FACS

HemangiomaThe second modality of treatment is the pulse dye laser. The brand we use is the Candela Laser V-Beam. This laser emits a beam of energy that is adsorbed by the redness (wavelength between 700-650 nm) in the lesion and is converted into heat energy, which promotes collapse of the vessels. This treatment is used to promote involution at the skin level which may prevent or decrease the need for surgical excision. The need for surgical excision is dependent on the degree of involution. About 70% of these lesions involute by the age of five. This involution may be partial or complete and may require some degree of removal or scar revision. Some of these lesions are complicated by ulceration and bleeding. Some parents elect to have the lesion removed early on to avoid complications and in some patients, early surgical excision is appropriate.