Dr. Mark E. Chariker, M.D., FACS

Syndromes Treated

Syndromes TreatedHere at the Kentucky Center for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, we offer expertise in treating some of the most challenging syndromes. With treatment courses that often require multiple operations over many years to complete, it is paramount that the family can trust the operating surgeon to be of the highest quality training and capability. Furthermore, we understand the importance of a multidisciplinary team approach including: neurosurgeons, ENT, orthodontists, speech pathologists, dentistry, physical and occupational therapy, and perhaps most importantly the family members.

With fellowship training in complex craniofacial surgery and congenital hand surgery, Dr.  Chariker has the capability of treating most aspects of the following:

Apert Hand DeformityApert Hand Deformity
  • Crouzon Syndrome
  • Apert Syndrome
  • Treacher Collins
  • Pfeiffer Syndrome
  • Saethre Chotzens
  • Nager Syndrome
  • Carpenter Syndrome