Dr. Mark E. Chariker, M.D., FACS

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Ear Reconstruction for Women

Ear ReconstructionThe ear lobule is the classic area where ear rings are placed or more recently ears are expanded known as gauging. Usually due to trauma or a pull on the ear ring, the tissue can split or tear out to the margin of the lobule resulting in the split lobule appearance. The restoration of the ear requires removal of the margins of the tear and repair of the margins. Repair of the “gauged” ear may be a little more involved requiring removal of some of the expanded tissue. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia such as lidocaine and is performed in our in-office surgical suite. The procedure can be performed in our surgical center under sedation if there is a great deal of anxiety.

Procedure time: The procedure will require 10-15 minutes per side and a little more for the gauged or expanded ear lobule.

Doctors Note

Dr. Mark Chariker, MD, FACS“If you are considering reconstruction, it is my view that you have been through enough already. You don’t need the added difficulty of a doctor who is less than compassionate about your ordeal. I hope that you will find my entire staff to be fully understanding of your challenge and responsive to your concerns. Remember, I am here for you. I try to model my patient relationships around a mutual relationship of trust and confidence. If you have concerns or anxieties about any part of the process, I want to hear about it!”

--Dr. Mark Chariker, MD, FACS